About the Poster Showcase

About the Poster Showcase

The 2012 MSPnet.org Poster Showcase will take place from February 27th to March 5th, 2012 and features posters from over 60 NSF-funded Math Science Partnership projects.

The Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program is a major research and development effort that supports innovative partnerships to improve K-12 student achievement in mathematics and science. MSP projects are expected to raise the achievement levels of all students and significantly reduce achievement gaps in the STEM performance of diverse student populations.

Each year, MSP projects present their posters at the MSP Learning Network Conference held in Washington, DC. This is the first year that a follow-up poster showcase is being held online. Doing so will enable a greater number of MSP faculty, administrators, teachers, and research partners to participate in the poster session and learn from each other’s work.

Guests to the showcase are invited to browse posters of interest and listen to the presenters' 3-minute audio introductions. You are also welcome to send feedback to contact@mspnet.org.

We encourage members of MSPnet to engage poster presenters by posting a question, suggestion, or comment. Each poster has it’s own discussion area available to members of the site.

We are grateful to Alan Berkowitz, Davida Fischman, DeAnn Huinker, Jacqueline Huntoon, and Ben Sayler who will be discussion facilitators and will post their reflections at the conclusion of the showcase.

Translating a face-to-face event to an online format will undoubtedly provide both benefits and drawbacks. We would appreciate your filling out a short survey so that we can learn how and if this online showcase was of value to you and how we can improve it in the future. Members of MSPnet.org will receive an email with a survey link at the conclusion of the poster showcase.